0059_Storm the Wall

graBffiti satire concerning Mr. Trump Mexican Wal

A notable Canadian University is doing scientific research on “Storming the Wall” sponsored by Mexican Drug Cartel. A whistleblower, known as graBffiti, informs here Mr. Donald Trump.

#stormthewall YES ! #trumpwall aka #usmexicowall aka #borderwall aka #thewall aka #buildwall or #nowall has been debunked scientifically by Canadian University.

Dear real Mr @realDonaldTrump – below that bird’s twittering above is translated into human press release: Let’s storm the wall. YES ! But which wall? The Trump wall, stupid. Is that the one on the US and Mexico border? Yes. Aha! The Wall! OK. Let’s build that wall. Oh! No way! No Wall!


Did We make U or even ? Do you mind to:


” Laughing We Unite > United We Laugh ” (BoWe_1968)