graBffiti Plus

this is the List of “enhanced” graBffiti posted on YouTube

In the past, time allowed, our gNation was turning some graBffiti into tiny movies with sound and motion. Our artists were hoping to get some small change $$$ in exchange for their time invested into this production. It never happened but hope is the bread most artist eat. And then, google YouTube fished out all small fish – that was not gold fish – from their pool to let them take a deep breath of air. End of the story.

Anyway, here they are. so feel free to click through.


Prince George starts a start-up

breaking news – His Royal Highness prince George of Cambridge starts a start-up

I can’t Breathe

Breathless but never speechless

China new massive corruption case exposed again

Breaking #news – #China new massive corruption case exposed again — exposing what’s missing in the original news picture from Zhenjiang – Jiangsu province – China

John Boehner offers Democrats NewNew Deal

Barking News! USA Congress offers Democrats the NewNew Deal

God asks John Kerry ...

Lima Climate Change Conference – December 2014
Braking News – God have just asked John Kerry to save Her creation.

Barack Obama Imperial Waltz

India and US seal nuclear deal as Modi hosts Obama – BBC

silent graBffiti in memory of Charlie Hebdo

Our tears will dry sooner or later – sorry #CharlieHebdo – but as BoWe said “United we Laugh and Laughing we Unite”

Charlie Chaplin named UN fugitive

No comments

President Hollande says..

Hollande’s La Republic in quick march to recovery

Bragging News – Francois Hollande’s France in swift march toward recovery — Bragging Nouvelles ! France en mars rapidement vers la reprise.

Pope Francis scores a knockout

Pope Francis #Pontifex joins Vatican Boxing Club Pontibox & scores first knockout — #blessedbythepope

Pope Not a Rabbi

Pope Francis #Pontifex asks his flock “Not To Bread Like a Rabbi” – #blessedbythepope

I’m sellin’ diary product

Military Junta Censors Santa Claus

Another military junta censors kid’s entertainment – Another graBffiti by Lolo

FlowerPower by Barack Obama

Flower revolutions were replaced by colour revolutions – but there’s still Power in a Flower. BoWe_2014

Vlad Putin – The Ultimate aX-Man

It’s official: Hollywood to cast Vladimir Putin in the next sequel of aX-Man: the Ultimate

Suicide fox bomber in London

Despite tight security a suicide bomber sneaks close to British PM home


when soccer becomes sucker

and His name was 33

What Climate Change?

Seconds before the epic accident. Grab Ffiti was at the front. You at the end of the tail. The right part of the natural bridge collapsed when half of the party passed the crack.

the Recovery is coming THEY say

Big News ! It’s for sure ! the Recovery is coming ! Says the Wall Street.

the Royal Faux Poo

Breaking news – Royal faux poo just happened – leaked by royal chronicler Bolo Bolololo

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