0002_I Can’t Breathe but We can

Satirical grabffiti comment. Refers to Ferguson riots in USA in August 2014. Depict a young protester with her mouth covered with duct tape labeled "I can't Breathe. Uncle Sam towers behind her and he says to her "but I can". His company is a riot policemen who wears gas mask with a canister labeled iCan.

August 9, 2014. The Battle of Ferguson. Missouri, USA. She Can’t Breathe same way as Eric Garner couldn’t. But so what! Asks grabffiti. Uncle Sam can. And, the riot policemen wears iCan – the courtesy of Uncle Sam anyway.

In August 2014, USA was witnessing The Ferguson unrest (also referred to as The Battle of Ferguson). The riot, for some, was people’s response to acquittal of policeman who fatally shoot black man named Michael Brow. Later, another man, named Eric Garner died suffocating while in police restrain. In his memory some protesters covered their mouth with a tape with words: “I can’t breathe”. This strong visual message echoed all around the world press.

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” Laughing We Unite > United We Laugh ” (BoWe_1968)