0009_Hollande says .. pedophiles

French president suggests #Charlie Hebdo gunmen were part of international pedophile ring says ICC fugitive & whistle-blower named graBffiti


President Hollande stretching the truth after Charlie Hebdo killings.


“Those who committed these acts, these fanatics, have nothing to do with the Muslim faith.” This is a quote from French president Hollande televised address to nation after the Charlie Hebdo In-the-Name-of-God -murder of humans who dare to live and think differently than the killers. Mr. Hollande’s public interpretation of Charlie Hebdo problem – namely that it has nothing to do with Islam – was labeled by some as “politics as usual” but it has much darker and evil side. In this kind of logic the Crusaders had nothing to do with Christianity, the Spanish Inquisition tortures had nothing to do with the Catholic Church, the Auschwitz guards had nothing to do with Nazism and the gulag’s Comrades had nothing to do with Communism.


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