0046_Viking from Durham don’t give a S* about Great Freeze of 2017

grabffiti comment on unusually cold and snowy 2017 winter in UK.

What Climate Change? We are Vikings! We are survivors!

The Great Freeze – unusually snowy UK winter of 2017. It was labeled by CCDs – Climate Change Deniers – and Mr. Trump as “just one more cold winter”. The recent hot quarrel between humans.

But look at this stoic winter-proof highland cattle in Durham. It was photographed by Owen Humphreys/PA). Grabffiti added symbol of endurance. No doubt, the cattle, be it he or she, who cares, must have strong genes of the Viking invaders who landed nearby at the Durham Heritage Coast eight centuries ago.


Did We make U or even ? Do you mind to:


” Laughing We Unite > United We Laugh ” (BoWe_1968)