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More INFO about Joining graBffiti network:

Note: We, the graBffiti, do not collect or use any data on you. See here.

To become part of our/your grabffiti network please join Us on Social Media.

Currently Reddit is the home of our community.

As the member of our community you can post, link to, point to, and/or comment on any grabffiti of any sort here and/or anywhere on the WWW. Such grabffiti can range from purely visual ‘aha’ moment to opinionated statement, from pure art to kitsch, from deep thought to satire and ridicule.

To connect with this site you can either use ‘normal’ (traceable) Internet or you can use tools such as TOR network to exercise you (human) right to anonymity. As a matter of fact, the second option is strongly advised because as BoWe said: “With all humanity seeing each other full-time on the Internet there will always be someone offended by absolutely anything what you say at any time, anywhere here”

Make all efforts to always credit the creators of images on top of which you do (superimpose) your grabffiti. This is not just a matter of fairness but can become a legal issue.

Make all efforts to link in and out our/your grabffiti artwork while posting, blogging, tweeting, commenting, etc in any place on WWW. With the size of data on Internet the voice of an average individual already has ZERO impact and ZERO visibility except maybe on your very small circle of ‘friends’ and ‘followers’ assuming you happen to have some. What’s more – your hope that your voice will go viral is as good as your chance to hit the jackpot on major lottery.

Good luck and have fun

Yours Grab Ffiti

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Do WE make U or even ? Do you mind to:


” Laughing We Unite > United We Laugh ” (BoWe_1968)