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Yes “graBffiti NATION” wording is overkill. But for a purpose. To grab attention. Shakespearean “to be or not to be” equals in our digital age to “to be seen or not to be seen” (on Social Media)

“join gCommunity”. See for yourself. The word “community” would be a looser in the battle of constant attention on the NET.

We are online open community of graBffiti artist and graBffiti followers.


As a citizen of the g_Nation … oops! As the member of graBffiti community you can:

1. Point to grabffiti art you have created.

2. Propose a grabffiti:

  • a) post written description of your idea
  • b) point to the “base image” to be used to place grabffiti on its top
  • c) accept a volunteer “artist” to create this graBffiti
  • d) agree to share your credentials as the co-author

3. Write (civilized) comments and (intelligent) critique of graBffiti art

4. Opt for instant notification of what’s up

5. More to come …

g_Nation is young …, oops!… is young community with limited resources but with unlimited sources. Good place to invest your (visual) talents, be it artistic or conceptual. Or, just to hang around to have good laugh and maybe even do some thinking along the way.

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REGISTER and yell :

Death to cat videos! Long live graBffiti Nation!

disclaimer: no animals were hurt in making this battle cry

Important Note: does not sell data. Aside from moral objections, we simply do not know how to do this.

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Do WE make U or even ? Do you mind to:


” Laughing We Unite > United We Laugh ” (BoWe_1968)