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Why civilizations decompose when criticism and satire are killed by the ruling class ?

Let’s first go first.

If you believe that your God had created all that massmess [BoWe] around you, the answer is pretty simple and UN!discussable“… and on the 7th day…” (Fri.?, Sat.?, Sun.? > your choice) “…she looked back at her creation and she smiled.”

If you are some infidel who disbelieve that 80% of humanity believes in what I just said above — it is your f* problem. Nevertheless, keep reading!

Some long-long-time ago, and I mean it, when your great…grandpa was an acidobacterium (what by the way explains why humans by nature are nasty organisms), IT (no offense to your great…grandpa) developed a kind of cellular grin as a scare tactic to keep another f* bacteria at the safe distance. A bit paranoid, I believe, since we are talking about the length equal to a thousand parts of the width of your single pubic hair strand. But you better do not yap about this on your social media – the last thing you want is to piss off an acidobacterium because it will strike back at you as acidobacteria. (don’t get the joke ?). Yes, bacteria are very protective of each other what is contrary to humans who need Governments to protect each one from each other (quote by late R.R.).

Some long-time later, when your great…grandpa’s great…grandson become a monkey, the facial expression discussed in the above paragraph took the opposite meaning. Your great…monkey-grandpa’s “smile” become his admission of fear. In other words, he was “telling” your wife’s furious great…monkey-grandma … “Doghouse? No! … cool down, babe, I was just kidding for thunder’s sake.”

It would stay that way for the eternity if not a climate change that forced one monkey named iV [BoWe] to leave the safety of her tree and learn to walk on her two not on her four since iV realized that less is more in time management.

Some time later (but still a hell-long time before a guy with a funny yet unhealthy-diet name of Mr. Morgue SugarMountain f*up with the true meaning of the word “friend”), a monkey become an ape. Now your great…ape-grandpa was fang-flashing to your great…ape-grandmother to “tell” her (no language yet) “…we are friends, aren’t we?” and next they would hug and hug each other and the rest is a bed story.

And, in the morning, the smile was born. So was the laugh. And thus the human was born. And, a progression of civilizations followed that was distancing you (and me) more and more from our animal heritage. But with it, the human laugh has come to signify a huge range of meanings.

The cavemen already did sense that social in-fighting is an inseparable part of cave-dwelling (try your honeymoon in a cave). And, that all fights use weapons. And, that some weapons, like a stone or club, can indeed finalize all arguments quickly but at the same time they can weaken his cave-family by reducing its numbers. What’s worse, the smartest in the pack (geeks) were first to go. Thus, teasing, mocking, ridiculing and all their brothers in arm become the new branches of our tree-of-laugh.

On the margin. The truth so well hidden from you the common believer is that in your Paradise there are three not just one forbidden tree: the tree-of-knowledge, the tree-of-peace and the tree-of-laugh.

This immortal tree-of-laugh keeps growing on the ashes of mortal human civilizations that die. And each such tomb is a fresh womb for nursing more sophisticated (albeit no much better) a human. But with man’s sophistication come a plethora of contrasting and competing world-views that fuel a never-ending war of ideas. Thus, the war for minds shadows the Earth for at least three millennia.

First the writing appeared, and next the print. Then things speed up. Photography came, and cinema, and TV. And things really speed up when the WEB was born. Meantime, the tree-of-laugh kept growing larger and larger, branching into cartoon, comics, comedy, just name it.

But as a smile can be friendly as well as cynical, a joke can be funny as well as rude or offending, so, as well, satire can be uplifting or damn demeaning. And so on, so on. As this matter become more complicated, each civilization, or correctly, the masters of each one, took different approaches to deal with “the problem.” Some civilizations nourished the tree-of-laugh, and some suppressed its growth. The results, came centuries later, and in a few cases just decades later. The civilizations of the first kind had advanced and flourish, more or less, for the benefit of all humanity. The civilizations of the second kind, where the masters use a whip to keep social order, had crumbled and either disappeared or persist in a form of decomposed unproductive goo of the sort that feeds itself like a leach on its “enemy”.

So, why civilizations decompose when criticism and satire are killed by the ruling class ?


the tree-of-laugh is in one respect identical to a “normal” tree – it needs soil. With good soil it will grow bigger, with sandy one it will shrink and get deformed. No, it won’t die. Remember, a smile, a good laugh, a tease, a ridicule, … , are ALL immortal until the last two human beings exists.

Thus, as BoWe said, Laughing We Unite & United We Laugh.”

Grab Ffiti

about the author:
Grab and his live partner Himself and their two teenage Him-Selves plus family dog named … (you guess) live homeless in Vancouver, BC

Vancouver, 2015/01/10

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