graBffiti = GRAB a F* (image) and FIT a TI ( 体 = substance) into it

graBffiti’s base = this is an image on top of which (digital) graBffiti is made – think about brick walls or roadside billboards used by graffiti artists to paint (analog) graffiti.

VgI = Visual gIntelligence = In principle, VgI, is the opposite of linguistic (word smart) intelligence as well it is different from spatial intelligence.  gIntelligence is a specific kind of visual intelligence. Think about your childhood gift (if you had such) to see objects when looking at the clouds or strange faces on the wall looking back at you.

gIQ = graBffiti IQ = the measured ability of a graBffiti viewer to grasp the meaning of graBffiti artwork.

Unglish = Universal English = somehow funny term invented and first used by BoWe, circa 2013, in his blog writings. It was intended to make the blog reader aware that the text he-?-she is reading was created by a writer who had learned English (as a second or third, etc. language) later in life. Thus, the weird syntax used and the occasional misuse of certain common words (homophones) (missed by spellcheckers !) shall not be reason to ignore the message in the text.

hi-?-she = he, anyone between, she = politically correct way to deal with problem of certain English pronouns. First implemented in writing by BoWe in this very gLossary

iSsay = I wrote this Essay = another humorous term invented by BoWe while submitting his writings to prominent news organizations worldwide. All of them rejected, likely because this was “his say” not “their say” on the matter in question. Example: “The not-so-distant future of YOU !- an iSsay by BoWe is written in Unglish “

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