g_Treachery ?

How come Visual Journalism is using text ?

We too wish graBffiti.com was just images and nothing else.


graBffiti.com is using text, simply, to be visible on the Internet. There is no other way – at least for now – for visual content to be found and be indexed by the Internet Search Engines the same way as textual content is.

Yes, Google AI already can “see” a picture of a cat. More will come, for sure. But satirical images could be the very last ones on that list. After all, plenty of human would not “get” any of our graBffiti.

Half-Way-a-Joint Note from CEO

graBffiti is about visual message. Sure. Made by visually intelligent people for other visually intelligent people – just kidding. But the problem is technical. It is how the Internet works as the newest platform to voice out what humanity says, feels and thinks.

Right now, the WEB – read: algorithms – SEO – Search – is using spoken language to index its content. The day when GAI … “gai” – funny, it sounds like Gaia. Gaia the mother, god, one organism which is our planet – in one of trends human think about our reality – just digression…GAI stands for “General Artificial Intelligence”… I am lost! … what I was talking about?

Oh, yes! It is certain that in the future algorithm will be intelligent enough to correctly index if not all, at least big part of visual WEB content. Be it in 20 years from now or 200 years – it will come. But today it is impossible. So we have a problem. Our (visual !) message will not be indexed, thus it will not be shown. Thus, it will be a mute voice. Pointless. Waste of time.

That is why graBffiti has to betray ‭our first principle: “A picture is worthy way more than 130 words”. Actually, some of our pictures are worth more than monster books that attempt to deal with a similar issue or issues.

That is why we, as well as you, our audience, we both, like it or not, we place written content on our pages. We understand that it looks like the not-so-good painter has to go to the length of explaining his painting in words – but we do not have better option to stay visible on the NET – digitally alive as Grab Ffiti says.

… where is the lighter ?!

Do WE make U or even ? Do you mind to:


” Laughing We Unite > United We Laugh ” (BoWe_1968)