0038_Scary White House

grabffiti satire - Picture of Trump family at 2017 Halloween party at White House renamed as the Scary House to meet the occasion.

What you see here is: Two Trumps, two propaganda kids, two security agents, two spiders and one grabffiti – total nine.

Double check for autistic kids who are better than you with numbers. 2+2+2+2+1=9

They are pictured in front of the Scary House, oops!, White House. Time is: Halloween 2017. And the courtesy is of Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images.

In this satire grabffiti pictures Donald & and Melania Trump hosting Halloween at the White House. The iconic house was prank-renamed for the occasion as the Scary House. Why? To please Mr. Trump opponents and to piss Mr.Trump supporters. Why? To keep balance. That is all what America needs these days to be Great again. Please.


Did We make U or even ? Do you mind to:


” Laughing We Unite > United We Laugh ” (BoWe_1968)