0036_To Flee Or Not To Flee or …

grabffiti comment on Spanish parliament turmoil because of Catalonia's Independence attempt during 2017

“Ser o no ser, esta es la pregunta” (To Flee or Not To Flee) was truly Shakespearean question that was facing Spain in 2017. History will answer it correctly, as it usually does.

Satirical comment over the photo by Javier Lizon/EPA. Spanish Congress of Deputies (Parliament) in 2017 was in big turmoil because of Catalonia’s independence drive. But these final solution by people of Catalonia was quickly strangled by Spain with the help of EU and USA. All for the sake of the conformist political status quo.

As seen by grabffiti it was, by the way, truly a Shakespearean question alike that Hamlet’s famous “to be or not to be” or – more familiar to Americans – Catch-22.


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