0031_Day of Sun Celebrations

grabffiti satirical image. North Korea national holiday Day of Sun. The military men wear sunglasses and look up to the sky.

The mighty North Korea military observing Day of Sun – The North Korea national holiday.

This is satire born from the quite humorous linguistic coincidence between the image caption and English language. Still, before you stop laughing, maybe ask yourself these questions. Are these military men watching sun eclipse? Nyet ! Are they watching test explosion of Kim’s hydrogen bomb? Who knows. Maybe.

This is North Korea – the most secretive state off all. This photo was taken from Guardian and it was dated 15 April of 2017 when North Korea put its military might on display during a parade in the heart of Pyongyang while the regime showed off some of its latest arsenal. This day is The Day of the Sun, an annual public holiday as much celebrated there as, say, Thanksgiving in USA – the North Korea’s archenemy.

this grabffiti was sponsored by Louis Vuitton China.


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