0049_The (swinging) Future of Bitcoin

A member of new gibbon species in China runs away from a cryptocurrency exchange with new species of money – bitcoins



An image of of gibbon with two bags of Bitcoin superimposed intended to be a satirical comment on modern phenomena of cryptocurrencies that constantly "swing" their value.


Satirical comment on modern phenomena of crypto-currencies like bitcoin – which constantly “swing” their value. These cryptocurrencie are seen by many as the unavoidable future of money. By few others as the biggest scam in history. Future will be the judge. This grabffiti satire is superimposed on the original photo of a new gibbon species discovered in China‚Äôs Yunnan Province in 2017. The white-browed Hoolock Gibbon lives on the Gaoligong Mountain. Photograph by: Xinhua/Barcroft Images.


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