0027_Cuban rEVOLUTION undressed by graBffiti

Who said this? BoWe? : “Ultimately all revolutions become evolution”



Satirical visual comment on the new path of Cuban revolution - evolution toward Capitalism.


Grabffiti satirical comment on unavoidable end of Cuban revolution – Cuba will embrace Capitalism. It already does actually. At least for their elites. Who? The pseudo-communist rulers of Peoples Republic of Cuba. With the help of USA. Yes. Sounds crazy? Barack Obama, the president with the big heart, did unexpected U-turn in USA foreign policy. He went to Havana to give a big hug to Castro brothers. Grabffiti followed. He dressed Barack Obama with nice Che Guevara t-shirt. He put Uncle Sam top hat on Ralph Castro head. He stuffed a big Havana cigar in his mouth. Havana cigar! The cliche symbol of fat capitalists. (Side note. Arnold Schwarzenegger is Havana cigar aficionado, but, as you already know, he is the Terminator. His machine-lifetime mission is to terminate the fattest capitalist to enter (soon) human history. It is AI named Skynet ). By the way. Ever wandered How to Cook democracy? Here are the Twitter Ingrediends: #obamaincuba2016, #ObamaCubaWantsFreedom , #obamasucks, #obamaincubam, #presidentobama, #cuba, #cubans


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