about graBffiti

graBffiti = GRAB a F* (image) and FIT a TI ( 体 = substance) into it

To create graBffiti you grab an image and you fit substance – like opinion, comment etc. – on top of it.

graBffiti artwork is a visual metaphor. A tool to express thoughts, concepts, opinions, and so on, not verbally but visually.

graBffiti artists are artists of tomorrow. sAI [sai] (BoWe_2018) – Strong Artificial Intelligence – will conquer human verbal communication first, long before visual communication. Human visual artists, human visual thinkers will have some extra time to breathe. Short time though. Till the day-after-tomorrow. That day when the Singularity is born – explode, correctly speaking.

graBffiti art is about the Power of Visual Thinking. Nothing will guide you faster in the maze of complexity then Visual Thinking. Why? Visual thinking makes complicated ideas simple.

graBffiti’s comprehension is proof of your Visual Intelligence – and vice versa.

Humor and satire opens the windows of the mind. Laughter and sense of humor are proofs of your spiritual development if not your maturity and genuine humanity (look at Dalai Lama).

that is why grabffiti.com favorite passage is:

“From the beginning Men created the hell on the earth. And the world was constantly tormented and full of hate; and darkness fell and curved deep wrinkles of sorrow upon men’s face. So the Spirit of God returned and stroke the face of the Men. And God said, Let there be laugh: and there was light.” (Genethesis – BoWe_2018)

another grabffiti.com favorite quote is:

“Pens that write words can become swords. Pens that draw pictures can become bullets.” (BoWe_2018)


For times to come (soon) bullets made from lead will be harmless to robot-cops and robot-soldiers. But bullets made form ink still may restrain the robot-handlers – the Power Elite – kings and dictators, people in office, 10-percent, mega-corporations, all who want to control and deceive the (enslaved) rest.

These people, these entities hate all who may disturb their plans. Especially the artists. Because artists do not shout the truth – artist show (or sing) the truth. Graffiti is, literally, a handwriting on the wall. But, graBfitti aims to be “handwriting on the wall” that, hopefully, society will not ignore. grabffiti.com main tool is satire. Satire is something that society cannot abandon under any pretext. (such as fashionable these days trend of “political correctness”)

“The day when the last human who knew how to laugh passed away – was the day when we all died.” (BoWe_2018)

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Do WE make U or even ? Do you mind to:


” Laughing We Unite > United We Laugh ” (BoWe_1968)